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2018 in Review + Word for 2019

2018 is coming to close already. Can you believe it?

I always enjoy these end of the year reviews to see it all in retrospect and looking forward to what God will do in the new year!

For 2018, my word was Faithful. I knew God was going to be faithful in His promises and I would grow my faith. The first thing He did was be faithful in healing past wounds surrounding sexual abuse and teen promiscuity that I have been working on for many years. Finally, finally walls broke down and I truly experienced freedom! It’s been a wonderful year for my marriage due to that healing and continuing to grow together spiritually as well. We truly enjoy our lives we have together and I am grateful. We celebrated 12 years of marriage and 13 years of being together this year. Coming from a broken home, each year is so exciting to not only be together, but in love more than ever!

2018 had some glorious moments, just to name a few:

  • Several visits with Anna, including our first trip together! Love the relationship we have blooming. This year has been so sweet with the extra moments we’ve been able to share. I am so grateful for her parents!

  • Our annual beach trip with my momma.

  • I got to witness my first birth that wasn’t my own thanks to my dear friend— and then another beautiful birth in the spring!

  • Healing brought to some relationships and releasing more past soul junk.

  • Shared my story in a few places– getting accepted by Her View Of Home and Motherly for a few pieces was exciting!

  • Lylah turned 1. Savannah started middle School. Ashlyn started kindergarten. Jax started second grade. Anna started high school. Insane how fast everyone is growing!

  • 3 chapters done for my adoption book! That’s a huge chunk for my dream. I feel like God gives me the words when it’s time for them and I bust out some chapters within a short amount of time. Then, the word well dries up for a while. I trust this project will get done at His perfect timing.

  • I was invited to do a few podcats, one being on Fit2b Radio about postpartum rest. Love them!

It was a difficult year for work-at- home career wise for me, which kinda made me question my abilities and if I was doing what God wanted me to do. I actually really, really enjoy my work. It’s more than money,  it fulfills pieces of me as the human with passions outside of parenting 5 kiddos.  It brings me joy to help others by writing words that bring awareness or touch hearts.

Small new opportunities did arise to fill some gaps, but with a family of 7 we are still behind of our goals and needs. It’s been a painful growing season in a way, really testing my faith not just in God to provide (which, He always did and will!) but faith in myself and not letting the enemy distract me or allow lies that diminish my worth.

It’s been a year to use this extra time to cherish my kids more, be more present, and discover more of what works to run our home more efficiently. So, for that I’m grateful!

I’m hopeful that God will continue to be faithful as we move out of this dry work season. I’ve been on several interviews in 2018 that ended up being not quite right, but it was good practice. Starting out 2019, I have a interview with the Proverbs 31 Ministry (heard of Lysa TerKeurst, y’all?) this week– wow! I’ve also got an exciting partnership that we will announce soon that will be adoption work related and a few more projects in the works! I’ll be speaking at The Promise Summit on the panel in May, too.

I know my waiting and prepping season in 2018 will be fruitful in 2019. I’m ready if it is God’s timing! I was reminded at how we must pull weeds, till the soil, plant seeds, and water the ground before we can harvest fruit. 2018 felt like that for me. It was a year of prepartion and a time of faithfully being patient.

Lylah will turn 2 years old soon (gasp!) and having her older and more independent (when she’s not climbing onto everything…) has been nice. This is the first year that I haven’t become pregnant or had a newborn and it’s been a welcome freedom. I’m very ready for this season of motherhood with older kids and guiding more emotionally rather than wiping tooshies!

Which, brings me to the hardest part of 2018 (aside from the heartache of losing my husband’s brother suddenly).

My health. Again, I can see now why God has had me in a slower working season so I could have the down time to truly rest and focus on myself and family. In July I was in so much pain for weeks due to a re-surging Mono virus. I’ve struggled with food allergies, ezxema all around my eyes and neck, stomach pains, yeast inssues, autoimmune issues, and exhaustion. Which, all rolls into some emotional messes where I feel like I can’t be all that I should be for my family at times. I feel like years of growing babies and having seasons of letting go of my healthier eating has really affected my stress and gut health. In 2018 that was painfully obvious. I’m ending this year starting the GAPS diet and already seeing immense improvement!

Each year I listen for God’s voice for His word of the new year.

For 2019 I keep hearing His promise of Health.

2019 I will regain my health. I’m desperate, I’m at my low of lows and have no choice but to rise up and heal! This body is a temple and I need to rebuild it so that I can effectively use it for God’s glory. GAPS is very strict, but seeing results already has made it worth it. Healing will be worth it. Giving up food and drinks (coffee! chocolate!) that I was finding too much satisfaction in makes me cling to God even more for strength.

That can produce something even more beautiful than healthy skin– a healthier spiritual and emotional life.

What are your goals or word for the new year?

I post a lot more on instagram and Facebook these days since it can be done in much less time to update! Follow me over there to see how the GAPS journey is going, adoption updates, new articles, the exciting partnership coming up, and much more!

You can also find me oninstagramandFacebookunder Open Adoption Consultant ! I’ve updated the website for the new year and new clients. I’m ready for you, 2019.

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