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  • Leah Outten

Birth Parents, Adoptive Parents, and Adoptees – I need you!

It’s happening guys, finally. I’ve known since Anna was born that God gave me this gift of writing to use it for His glory and write a book (or two) about our adoption. It’s been a long, long process that has changed perspectives a few times.

I finally have a clear vision of the book I need to be focusing on– a guide to help others know how to navigate the bittersweet, complex, beautiful world of open adoption relationships. It’ll hold the “secrets” to what has made our open adoption so incredibly amazing and fascinating to others. I want to share this information in hopes that more adoptions will be positive– more satisfied and at peace members of the entire adoption triad. It’s a scientific fact that those within open adoption relationships report higher satisfaction, but what does it actually take to make it work?

My book needs your adoption experiences!

In order to encompass the variety of adoptions and experiences, I need your voices. I need to know what you would tell other adoptive parents, what birth parents would tell adoptive parents who are scared of open adoption, how open adoption has helped adoptees as they’ve grown, etc. Your story matters and it will help others know the ways adoption needs to keep moving and changing to have happier outcomes for all involved.

Click the link that applies to you (feel free to submit your experience for all that apply to you):

Birth Parents

Adoptive parents


UPDATE: Adoption Professionals here’s your link!

If you know someone who falls in these categories, would you share this post with them?

Post them in your Facebook groups, make a tweet, pin it to Pinterest, email to your mom, whatever you need to do. I am so excited for this journey that God is paving a way for! Thanks for sharing pieces of your story with me to help others.

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