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FREE Printable: Biblical Birth Affirmation Cards

I'm sitting here at 21 weeks now with our 5th child and I've been in birth preparation mode from even the early weeks-- By around 8 weeks I even had my birth team all lined up.

Midwife, Photographer, Doula -- check!

I love birth-- truly love it. I love the challenge. The mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects that drive me to go deeper into myself and into my faith in God. I read books. I listen to my labor play list and keep an ear out for more that touch my heart to add. I refresh my memory on techniques. I do my Fit2b Exercises to keep my core strengthened. I reread my own birth stories and think about the things I would change next time, if possible. Most of all, I pray and try my best to let God lead the way. After all, He knows the desires of my heart and can see the big picture.

Tonight I reformatted and added more scripture to the birth affirmation cards I used for Sadie's pregnancy. Honestly, I didn't use them in actual labor since we moved to the birth center last minute instead of moving forward with our home birth. But, I absolutely had these hung up to meditate upon in the prior weeks and I felt it made a difference to keep the focus on God, His perfect plan, and where my help/peace comes from.

I know many have been lead to my blog for worship music during labor so I knew you ladies would enjoy these birthing affirmations to go with it! Click the image to save the PDF file or click here. It is ready to print, decorate, doodle, color, and hang! I left them as it for Sadie's birth, but I did cut out my favorite color card stock to frame them for hanging.

Happy and peaceful birthing!

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