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  • Leah Outten

Joy in the Lazy Summer Morning

My summer morning routine lately:

-Nurse baby -Get up between 6 & 7 am (with the rare occasion of 8am!) -Set up TV show for kids -Make food/smoothies -Drink smoothie while reading devotional -Make coffee -Put baby down for morning nap -Drink coffee -Write and browse Facebook -Take a shower around 10am -Start chores, lunch prep, play time, etc.

Yes, my kids have watched a wee bit much TV these last weeks of summer. And I don't care right now, because my house is so peaceful for me to just sit while I soak up God's word and things that fill me so I can be better for them later in the day. Self-care is essential, ya know. I'm filling up for when we are painting and using our imagination while building blocks this afternoon. I'm filling myself up for these nights where we have been staying up late battling over the kitchen table where our board game time is held, or the moments of having deep faith talks with my 8 year old. And the hard moments-- because, oh, how trying our 2 year old Ashlyn is right now and the bickering between my 2 older ones can be relentless at times. These laid back, lazy morning have been so refreshing to fuel up before the chaos.

I also started using the First 5 app last Monday and every single day I have been consistent so far reading, praying, and letting the short messages soak in. In result, everyday has changed for the better. The difference? My attitude. I still wake up tired from our late night board gaming (so worth it!), but my soul sings out with joy at the sight of my kids smiles (usually). He gives me strength to handle the hard moments like melt downs in the library (happens every time!). His word each morning has softened my heart to be more of what they need and to see them how He sees them: Pure joy. In return, they are more joyful, too. I'm treasuring these last summer days of time for me and time for them.

This routine won't last forever, I know. School is right around the corner and then I will be up at 6am having to move, move, move everybody out the door while trying to squeeze in my devotional time to keep me fueled up for the busyness. The day will begin much earlier and TV rules back in place. But right now? This is the life. We're breaking some rules and we're truly enjoying it.

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