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Life Just Got Busy (and Welcome!)

I still have a post waiting in the drafts processing my feelings on Anna and I's 4 day sleepover this past summer. I promise I will finish it and it will be published one day! I feel like it is important for others to see what open adoption can be like and what our relationship has bloomed into over these last 11 years. But, for now I felt like I needed something new up to welcome the wildly successful #ShoutYourAdoption viewers that clicked over. Thank you! Thank you. Thank you all for sharing, liking, and commenting and spreading LIFE and what is possible with adoption. Keep it up. Head over to The Grace Bond's instagram page or Facebook page to stay up to date in between blog posts!

Now, here's where I have been. Life is absolutely insanely busy right now but, oh, my soul! My soul is so filled with my 4 little loves at home, the FaceTime chats with Anna that brighten my world even more, and the work God has me doing within my passions of adoption/parenting and writing. Wow, God is faithful when He places dreams on our heart!

1) Packing.  I know I will have more to say on this in another post, there is so much to process! But basically we have outgrown our little home and the Lord has finally opened the doors to hopefully find our forever home. This is thrilling yet so sad at the same time. We truly love our little home and it has served us well these last years. After all, we've had one even born here in our bedroom!

2) Supporting.  Like I said above, God has been opening so many doors within the passion and heart He has given me: supporting those in unplanned pregnancies and through writing. I have been doing what I can to support mommas in need of encouragement on all sides of the adoption triad, or mommas who decide to parent. A few weeks ago my community pulled together all these goodies for a young momma who decided to parent at the last minute. What a joy this was to be a part of and to be the tool in God's hands to provide both physical things for her new baby girl and emotional support. I'm now a mentor with Talk About Adoption and also partnering with Binti, you can find me over there too!

3) Writing. (Just not here...) I now right for and  One is a deeper look into my adoption experience and unplanned pregnancy while the other is geared towards everything motherhood. I love my job! It is so exciting when passion overlaps with career. Go check those out.

4) Schooling. So, because of this move we decided to pull our oldest out of public school so we wouldn't have to keep enrolling/unrolling in several schools. This makes it more consistent for her and fulfills my heart tug to have her home, too :-) We decided on Connection Academy. So far so good!

5) Disney World! Ah, it was nice to spend a week pretending we were in another world and we weren't adults. And the kids faces? Priceless. Totally worth it the 11 hour drive.

Again, thank you for stopping by and head over to the social media buttons on this page to see what's going on sooner rather than later.  I do lots of writing and sharing over there! And, if you would, pray for our family. Pray for me. We have so much going on right now and it can be stressful or we (I ) can lose sight of priorities. Pray that I can balance this all with God's strength. There is so much change! All good and exciting things, but it is change none-the-less which can be hard on kids or type A mommas like me :-) Thank you for your prayers.

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