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  • Leah Outten

The Birth Hour Podcast: My Red Tent Birth

I love sharing my birth stories with others. Partly for myself, to remind me of my own strength inside and to reminisce on the most special days of my life. My children's birth days mean so much to me, whether they were "natural" or not, they all have memories and taught me something about myself. However, I also like to share my different birth stories in hopes that it inspires others to achieve their own birth desires-- whatever that looks like for them.

I was honored to share my story with an awesome podcast called The Birth Hour which is filled with many types of birth stories. You may of read my story or watched the video, but now you can listen to me tell it too! I also included a few resources of what helped me through my labor with Sadie. Take a listen and subscribe to The Birth Hour for many moving stories.

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