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The Fit2b Difference: Pregnant with Diastasis Recti

I suspected that I had diastasis recti for several years, but it wasn't until after Ashlyn's birth January 2013 (4th full term birth) that I started to work at doing something about it. I feared what would happen if I had another pregnancy after her, her pregnancy and birth left me feeling like I was falling apart! Personal trainers sounded great, but were expensive for our budget and truthfully? I hate gyms. I don't like  the thought of people watching me, even if it's just one trainer.  Plus, with kids, getting there is half the battle and I wasn't up for that battle several times a week to work out or figuring out babysitting to make it on time.

Somewhere I stumbled on Fit2B and I was thrilled at not only the price but that I could do it at home! Streaming through their website or Roku, I could work out anytime I could fit it in-- during naps or while my infant played on her mat nearby-- sometimes even in a baby carrier strapped to me! I also really liked that Beth Learn, the founder, is a Christian and she keeps her videos modest and very encouraging. And best of all, every single video is "tummy safe" meaning that won't make an ab separation worse if you are doing them properly. No planks, no sit ups, no crunches-- which in my previous postpartums I had been doing! Beth's videos and support group has taught me so much about my body, how it best functions, how parts all work together, etc. and that knowledge is a beautiful thing that extends beyond doing a video 5-45 minutes a day. I love that she gives tools for real life, like how to lay down correctly, how to stand up from the floor, how and when to utilizes our "God-given girdle." And Bonus-- My older kids love the workouts too!

Now, I say how much I love Fit2B, but I'll be honest in that I wasn't always consistent. In the last year and half I had phases of going strong while other times I let it slide. Once I got into later 1st trimester of this current pregnancy, I completely stopped because I simply had no energy to give to it.

Even then, this shows me that any progress is progress. Below is my 3rd pregnancy with my son 4 years ago compared to me today with my current pregnancy. This is proof that I did something! And still am as I remember the super quick and easy Foundational Five workouts that I can do while brushing my teeth or in the shower. Or, making sure that I'm properly aligned throughout the day. Now that I'm heading closer to birth, I plan to make this a priority again to prepare physically. There is a whole section of work outs devoted to new mommas I've been using. Plus, it counts as stress relieving self-care, which is so important! I also wear a maternity FitSpint on days I am running errands or on my feet a lot to help support as well. It makes a big difference in my back and pelvic comfort!

I still have an ab separation and still have work to do to heal years of misalignment and many pregnancies that have stretched me in every way -- but I have hope that one day my "mommy pouch" will be gone and that gap will be closed completely. I also have hope that continuing this program will help Sadie be better aligned for labor to make it an even easier delivery! Maybe, just maybe, her position will be perfect and I won't go 1-2 weeks late yet again? We'll see when her time times. (Update--I was still overdue but it immensely helped with her position and pushing time. Just 3 pushes!)

Want to get started yourself or find out more? They have tons of information, how to tell if you have diastasis recti, and free sample videos.  Head over to Fit2b!

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