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Written by two moms who have experienced unplanned pregnancies, this book is the one we wished we had (and we've heard many moms say the same!). There isn't a devotional for expectant moms facing unexpected pregnancy-- and we have created that!

Arriving Fall 2024

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take a look inside!

   About The Sixteenth Year  

It was the year that changed everything. 


When a pregnancy test turns up positive, Leah has some tough decisions to make. At just sixteen, what will she do?


Wrestling with her options for months, she then discovers open adoption: welcoming her daughter into the world while maintaining a connection with her daughter and the adoptive family after the placement. As her heart softens to the sacrifice she knows she needs to make in hopes to better her baby’s life, her life begins to shift too. She finally feels at peace with her decision, but can she trust strangers to uphold their promises?


Leah pulls you into her story as she shares her heart. Vulnerable and tender, The Sixteenth Year offers a raw look into her story, not only through pregnancy and adoption but as a testimony of how God has used broken pieces of her life to heal and grow. From pre-pregnancy to life today and her bond with her teenage daughter, you’ll be inspired by her steps of faith, the grace discovered within her journey, and a transformational approach to adoption.

   What Readers Are Saying   

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