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Leah Outten is a mother to five at home and a birth mom to one. She still maintains an open adoption relationship with her birth daughter and the adoptive parents she chose when she was 16 years old. Using her experiences a birth mom and a teen mom, she now works in the adoption and pro-life community through her writing, education, and mentoring. She has been writing since 2004, and professionally since 2014. Her work has been featured on nationally known platforms including Focus On The Family, Her View From Home, and Motherly. In her speaking and writing, she aims to educate on complex issues surrounding motherhood and adoption with grace.


Adoption Topics

Speaking Engagements

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Let's work together

Leah is available for freelance writing, speaking, podcast interviews, conference panel discussions, and more. 




Motherhood Topics

Speaking Engagements


Now Available

A faith-based video and 

workbook group curriculum

for birth mothers after placement.


As Seen On.


Contributing writer since 2020 with content surrounding faith, unplanned pregnancy, open adoption, and the birth mother experience.


A short video with Leah Outten and Tori Shaw comparing their pregnancy and decisions at 16 years old. One chose adoption, one chose abortion yet God redeemed both.


Episode 6 - Leah talks about her story, how the grace of others' changed her, and ways to support birth mothers post-placement.


Abortion or Adoption: 2 Moms’ Mission to Help Heal Pregnant Teens and Women who are faced with a similar decision as these two faced.

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