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  • Leah Outten

Count Our Blessings: Baby 4

Our family is super excited to announce another blessing will be joining us in February!  While we all felt we would have another eventually, we were shocked to see it happen this month.  I didn't feel pregnant at all and only took a test to prove to myself that my period would come, but low and behold there were 2 lines!

I told Mark and the kids that night by playing a family game of hangman, where I had them guess the word "Pregnant."  When the word finally was obvious, Mark said, "Really? For real?"  The kids didn't get it wasn't just a game and I was trying to tell them something so I said, "Do you know what this means? Mommy has a baby in her tummy!" Then the happy screams and jumping commenced.

Jaxson is very set on this being his baby brother and has already named him Jordan. We'll see about that! Savannah is so excited to have another baby in our house, she is such a great big sister and helper as it is. She is also excited to share the same month as this baby for birthdays! Ashlyn can say "baby" but that's about the extent of her knowing her world is going to change :-)

Thanks for sharing in our joy!

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